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More Information about our Customer Protection Policy

What is Front Running?

Front Running is when an individual registers domains within minutes or hours after someone else has conducted a domain name search on a registrar’s site, performed a WHOIS query or typed a domain in the browser to see if there is an active Web site. Front Runners may get access to these searches through Internet Service Providers, Spyware, or registries. Front Running allows these individuals to attempt to make money from the domain through pay-per-click ads or by re-selling the domain in the aftermarket at a marked up price.

In response to customer concerns about domain names being registered by someone else just after they have conducted a domain name search, Network Solutions is implementing a new security measure to protect our customers.

What is the Customer Protection Measure?

Network Solutions may reserve domain names that are searched on our Web site for up to 4 days. During this period, these domain names will only be available to register at

  • This customer protection measure may be enabled when a customer searches for an available .com domain name at but decides not to purchase the name immediately after conducting the search and opts in to the protection measure via a pop-up dialogue box during each search session.
    • After the search ends and a customer opts into the protection measure, Network Solutions will put the domain name on reserve. During this reservation period, the name is not active and Network Solutions does not monetize the traffic on these domains.
    • If any customer searches for the domain name during the next 4 days, the domain will be available to register at our regular rates.
    • If the domain name is not purchased within 4 days, it will be released back to the registry and will be available for registration through any registrar.
    • A customer may phone Network Solutions customer support and request the domain name be released before the end of the reserve period.
    • Domain names searched on the WHOIS search page will NOT be reserved.
  • By holding the searched domains at Network Solutions for a short period, it allows our customers time to decide whether this is the domain name that they really want to register.
  • Although the domain name isn't specifically held for the initial customer who searched for it, this reserve period helps to protect our customers against domain front running.